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  • Customer requirements are our focus, continuous improvement is our eternal goal。
Customer-oriented, consumer rights and interests first, market-oriented, cost as the core, quality as the basis, innovation as the guarantee, development as the goal, people-oriented creation of the world, to fight for the rich world, wisdom as the first world, dedicated to our customers, consumers to provide quality products and perfect services。
Quality Policy:
Quality is a sign of corporate reputation, quality is a weapon to open up the market
Quality is the guarantee of the survival and development of enterprises, without quality, there is no benefit
-- High quality and high efficiency;Keep the promise, heavy sustained
Quality objectives:
-- Developing high and new technologies
-- To provide customers with perfect services and build high-tech enterprises
-- Create a better team and let the famous shock absorber travel all over the world
-- Delivered product defects are zero, production pass-through rate reaches ≧98%
Quality commitment:
-- Provide high quality products to ensure customers get satisfactory service
Philosophy of leaders at all levels:
Learning is accomplished in creation, action is accomplished in thinking, virtue is accomplished in integrity, and success is accomplished in many
The concept of the majority of employees:
Think of the master's work, do the master's work, do the master's responsibility, enjoy the master's happiness
Financial management concept:
Financial management is the center of enterprise management;Capital flow is the center of financial management
Marketing concept:
Develop with righteousness and win victory with new work
Production strategy:
-- Challenge well-known companies in the same industry
-- Development of shock absorber product technology
Production management philosophy:
-- Enterprise agility, product modernization
Business objectives:
-- Increasing technological input and sharing technological achievements
-- Strengthening service input and improving the service system
-- Customer-centric, creating value for customers
The way of management:
-- Using Sun Tzu's Art of War "Tao, heaven, earth, general, Fa" five planning elements;Establish the principle of "seek power before profit","First to seek strength after big", "first to be a man before doing things",The five values of "prophet and confidant" and "borrow the ladder before climbing the stairs";Seek "talent, brand, management, mechanism, technology" five advantages;To achieve the satisfaction of "users, partners, society, employees, shareholders" five business objectives
Business responsibility:
- Responsibility to shareholders to protect the interests of shareholders and provide reasonable returns
- Responsibility to customers with their own efforts and professional knowledge, to provide customers with quality service, and get continuous support from customers
- Responsibility to employees Fully respect the rights of employees, and provide employees with good working conditions and competitive treatment;Make good use of talents to provide equal employment and development opportunities;Encourage employees to participate in the planning and organization of their work and the implementation of the company's business objectives。The development of the company depends on the joint efforts of all employees
- Responsibility for partners Establish mutually beneficial relations of cooperation with partners, promote each other and develop together
-- Responsibility to society: Abide by the laws and regulations of the state, strive to do more meaningful things for the society and establish a good public image as far as possible
Business principles:
-- Abide by business ethics, be honest and trustworthy, and do not do anything contrary to laws and regulations and the business purpose of the company。The company makes profits by providing quality services and competes fairly and ethically with its competitors within the law。